An important achievement for the studies on Helminthology at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA).

Doctoral candidate Rosmery Macedo, of the graduate program in biology of infectious agents and Parasitological (BAIP), received the Ernst Mayr Travel Grant in Animal Systematics, on the last day 16. The prize is awarded biannually by Harvard University of the United States.

With that, the student will have the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in Paris, and enrich the data from his study, Yes, on site, are deposited numerous species search representatives that Lilian is developing. Among the objectives of your research, is the taxonomic analysis of helminths of the genus Physaloptera -stomach parasites of Amazonian lizards.

Currently, doctoral stage (PhD sandwich/Capes) with professor Scott Gardner, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, Lillian is a member of the laboratory of cell biology and Helminthology at the Institute of biological sciences (LBCH/ICB/UFPA) and teacher-oriented Jeannie nag.

According to the doctoral candidate, "receive this award is a reflection of the good school that I had and still have. In LBCH always are motivated to expand our horizons and to always seek more as researchers. Receive the award Ernst Mayr and have the opportunity to meet and have access to the Natural History Museum of Paris is a unique experience for me, "he explains.

Recognition -this is the second time that the prize is won by a graduate student in BAIP. The current professor of Parasitology of the ICB/UFPA, Francis James de Vasconcelos Melo, as PhD student, received the prize in 2013.

Adriano Furtado, Coordinator of the BAIP, pointed out that "it is very gratifying to see that our graduate students are seriously committed to the development of science and research and face this challenge of sandwich doctorate to enhance their knowledge and then share them in Brazil". He concludes by saying that "the receipt of this award, for the second time, by a student of BAIP shows exactly what we are preparing quality professionals."

Ernst Mayr -the award gets its name from one of the greatest researchers in evolutionary biology, taxonomy and systematics and enables students to carry out a visit to the Museum of Natural history in Paris, through a scholarship courtesy of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) at Harvard University. Aims to encourage the taxonomic study-studies covering naming and classification of living organisms-groups of species, genera or families little-known biological or neglected.

Text: Rafael Rocha-communication Advisory of the UFPA, with information of Prof. Adriano Furtado, Coordinator of the BAIP.
Photos: Personal Collection